Roast a bowl or spark your you know what because the dudes just got equipped with their flavors of choice to smoke on!

After a long wait we can finally officially announce the Dispensary opening! 

how it workS

Each month we’ll drop new Flavors in the Dispensary, available only for dude holders. For starters there will be 5 NFTs of each Flavors/Jar available, except maybe, a few super rares.

We’ve created a form on Discord where you can claim your favourite Jars each month

Is it really FREE?

Yes! It’s free. You need to be a member of our club, like a real dispensary, but don’t worry we will give away Jars and Dudes from time to time via Discord.

As a Dude owner you are able to claim up to these quantities MONTHLY:

1 Dude = 1 Jar
3 dudes = 2 Jars
5 dudes = 3 
10 dudes = 5 

You will be able to choose the JAR flavors you want based on what’s available, similar to a real life experience.

(Discord server)


I'm not a dude holder, can i buy a jar?

Nope, the Dispensary is exclusive for Dude holders. If you feel like you really need to get one of this jars go and get one of the available dudes on Opensea. That will grant you rights to get your first Jar.

We will give away Jars and Dudes from time to time via Discord, go there and stay tuned if you can’t afford to buy one.